I Lacked Confidence in God

I lacked the confidence in God to follow through with what I believed He wanted me to do, mainly because of the consequences that came with my decisions.  But I discovered by not confront issues, including fear, the consequences were unbearable.  Shortly after I started attending CR, a leader told me I was an easy target and I responded with, “You’re right!”

I was so angry with myself.  I had talked and talked about the issues with my husband, to no avail.  He would tell me the problem was mine and that he didn’t have a problem.  I felt so powerless and angry.

I was convinced divorce was coming.  I ended up paralyzed with fear and not able to take action like I should.  But my God was too good to let me stay there. He grew my faith in Him, beyond my circumstances and my fears.  He replaced my fear with faith.  God dealt with me, my husband, and our marriage.

I have always believed that God loved my husband, but I struggled believing that He loved me.  I now know that God loves me… all of me… always.  My marriage is now established on God’s love for us and not the other way around.  I now understand that our relationship doesn’t depend on who or what I am, but who and what He is.  By His Grace I’ve been saved.  And I am so very thankful.

Cindy M.

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